Bounce is a decentralized platform where you can hold an auction and token sales.

To participate in the Astral Candela presale on bounce, note that the steps are the same across all wallets but for the sake of this article we will use Metamask for example.

To participate in the Astral Candela presale on bounce using Metamask follow these steps:

STEP 1: Click on this link released in the announcement channels by the admins.

STEP 2: Paste the link on your Metamask DApp browser (make sure you are on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) Mainnet network)

STEP 3: Connect your…

Date: 16/04/21

Time: 4 PM UTC


Crypto Mansion recently hosted an AMA session with Astral Candela .The Astral Candela team was represented by Samuel Ayangbola(CEO & Co-Founder). He shared a lot about the project in Details and many information about Astral Candela.

Introduction Session

Que-1) 1- Can you give us a brief introduction about Astral Candela? What is your project based on and what role do you play in it?

Certainly, my name is Samuel, I am the CEO & Co-Founder of Astral Candela Ecosystem. My expertise is in organizational management and leadership.

I am also a programmer with 10…

ASTRAL CANDELA is a deflationary token with no mint function. You can verify this from #bscscan. 10% of the total supply will be sent to the blackhole( burn address) after PRESALE. Presale URL Switch your wallet network to BSC to see the token on bounce.

We are in for a remarkable upsurge.

We are moon-bound.

The Candela token will be listed on 2 major centralized exchanges after the public sale on Bounce.

50% of the funds realized from the public sale will be used to provide liquidity on Pancakeswap to enable DEX trading.

Our smart contract will also be audited by Techrate. A partial audit has already been done, but we need a full one to attract more investors.

Unsold tokens will be sent to the blackhole (Burn Address).

The second round of presale will be an IEO.

P.S. We are moon-bound


QUESTION: Are you guys already listed on pancakeswap without presale?

ADMIN: Already listed but liquidity is extremely low, which means you can't trade yet but you can add liquidity to the pool. Presale is almost here.


Website for presale?



Also the link isn’t directing me to Candela pool on bounce?


The link is valid, you need to switch your wallet network to BSC first to see the token.


If I may ask, what’s the use case of this token?


Kindly spend some time reading the whitepaper, what the project has…

Astral Candela Ecosystem

Astral Candela is a decentralized ecosystem curated for netizen, visual artist, illustrators, innovators and investors. (BSC Mainnet)

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